Read Tirumantiram-Tirumular book reviews & author details and more at The English translation and part of the notes are by the Late jan who was . The Tirumantiram or Thirumantiram is a Tamil poetic work written in the BC by Thirumular . Tirumantiram in English, translated by Dr. B. Natarajan; Tirumantiram in Tamil Unicode format: Tirumantiram · Shavism Homepage. spelled Tirumantiram) in English, but with different goals in the translations. Marshall Govindan tells the story in the introduc- tion, “The Tirumandiram is one.

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Such indeed are the Gurus of Karma path; Will they ever with Jnani compare? And yet you seem to pursue it, and seem to get it. Structurally, the Tirumantiram is comprised of nine tantras-books- and a preface. His Love is Inscrutable My Lord God whom the heavenly beings praise As one into myriad forms and things outspread, The Great Lover who inside love savours love’s tributes; Sad indeed that few seek Him, or to Him are led.

All Ailments Assail, If in Charity You Fail Consumption and anaemia, asthma and colic pain- Such the lot of those who nothing in charity give; Snake and thunder, sore throat and fleshly ills, Approach not them that others’ needs relieve. His Love is Blessings All The Light Refulgent emits beams of purest gold; Plant that deep and firm in heart; raising worship thus, If you, in yearning song, seek Isan’s Grace, Then, sure, no end be to His blessings copious.

Life is Fleeting; Give While You Live The aeons pass, the unreturning ages go; The allotted span of life daily dwindles away; This irksome body, as if squeezed by some power unknown, 68 Perishes: To produce that critical edition, Dr. How can we consider the mountain path less important than the summit to which it leads us? Ruler’s Share–One-Sixth of the Subject’s Produce If salvation high and treasures true you seek, Then, awake or asleep, unceasing, the holy way pursue; Know that of labour done in this sea-girt world, To the King, in truth, one share in six is due.

The fourth is Pasupata, founded by Nakulisa and now associated with Gujarat. Many people think that the Self is something that you get.

Then there is the mental or intellectual fnglish in which one can travel instantaneously anywhere. The Tirumantiram or Thirumantiram is a Tamil tirumangiram work written in the BC by Thirumular and is the tenth of the twelve volumes of the Tirumuraithe key texts of Shaiva Siddhanta and the first known Tamil work to use the term. Siva Is Nonpareil Search where ye will, there’s no God like Siva, None here below to equal Him in glory; Lotus like, He, of gleaming matted locks, Golden in splendour, beyond the worlds, apart.

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Look Within in Dhyana Well may they practise Yoga eight-thousand year Still they see not Lord, Sweet as ambrosia And dear unto apple of eye; But if within you seek Him enlightened He within you is, Even unto englisg in the mirror.

Finally, the tree is fully matured and sends out its fruits and begins the process all over again. The Fourth Tantra is a highly esoteric work on mantras and yantras.

Himalayan Academy Publications – Tirumantiram

This may not be accurate by the calendar, snglish it is true to the spirit and quality of the Tirumantiram, which has within it the wisdom itrumantiram three thousand years of meditation. Ways of Niyama He does not kill, he does not lie, he does not steal; Of marked virtues is he; good, meek and just; He shares his joys, he knows no blemish Neither drinks nor lusts –This the man who in Niyama’s ways stands.

It is closer than your heartbeat. The soul has a form. It comes from within you more as a becoming of your whole being than enflish that you pursue and get. Divine Light in God-Love From mind fixt in God’s Love, the Divine Entlish is born; The tangled skein of the tormenting senses five, Drag us headlong to sweet ardours of woman’s passionate eyes, That bond sunder; may your thoughts e’er at God’s Feet arrive!

Seek His Grace, the Senses Get Controlled Surely then the senses five under your control come, Surely then the senses five back to their native homes retreat, Surely then the senses five change their course, If, alone, you seek the sole felicity of our Lord’s perfect Grace.

Think of Lord Through Time’s Cycles Day after day we wake to greet the morn, Day after day we seek the nightly couch; Even though God, good and great, may frown in wrath, True devotees ne’er miss His great Love’s avouch. The Way to Ascension to Void lies through Meditation The mystic bed-chamber is day-light eternal No darkness invades; There is a way This body to fire-chamber consigned not be; The light of this knowledge Is by meditation prolonged; The Chamber of Void Knows not end of Light ever.

He is the One that binds and unbinds The body that holds life precious. That does not mean they are useless. Legend has it that the sage retired to a cave where he would sit in samadhi for a enblish year without moving.


He is the Energy within all existence. Vedic Sacrifices Uncaught in the world’s web of woman, song and dance, Such alone seek the holy sacrifice to perform; But the unpracticed in austerities do but reach Desire’s Abode, misery to find. They Attain the Manifestness State of God Deep they pondered on Pranava’s great holy way, By Guru’s grace inspired recited the mystic lay, The rituals performed by the four Vedas prescribed, And thus attained pure, pristine Manifestness–the spotless Brahmins they.

Select Bibliography by Dr.

The soul has a beginning in Lord Siva 39 and an end in union with Him. If He bears not skull and bone. Saivism was the precursor of the many-faceted religion now termed Hinduism, and there was a time when there were no sectarian divisions.

Long ago the Sanatana Dharma was none other than Saivism. Tkrumantiram of Abusing Mahesvara The Lord’s devotee lives by alms, Those who show animus to him, However humble his condition be, And those who abuse him as they will, Shall into lowly hell fall.

Earthly Treasures are Fleeting “Joys of life and wife, children and brothers–all ours,” they claim Little knowing how fragile and fleeting these delights be; But the yearning souls that seek and build on treasure true, Find support firm and ne’er failing company.

Your Vigil and Wisdom Alone Accompany Departing Soul This roof of delights, when by use, to pieces falls, Wife nor children who all tiumantiram follow the parting Soul Only the holy vigils kept and wisdom gained Remain to save–others dwindle and desert us all.

Our Days are Numbered The sun’s rays visit all the quarters ten, But men measuring emglish their little sense know this not; They ponder not nor on the deep mystery muse, These men on earth–their minds in low passions caught.

We don’t want to tirumanitram like the Christians, busy arguing with each other and unable to work together for the benefit of their religion which has been fragmented into hundreds of partial religions each claiming to be the one and only true whole.

You can use them for guidance in times of trouble and confusion, and they will unerringly guide you along the right path. He is also a siddhar, an accomplished yogi. Was it like a potter shaping clay into a pot?

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