Orangi Pilot Project (OPP) as an NGO began work in Orangi town in Orangi situated in the periphery of Karachi is a cluster of low income settlements*. ORANGI PILOT PROJECT. December Arif Hasan . Orangi is a Karachi town consisting of an agglomeration of katchi abadis and has a population of . 20 Jan Orangi pilot project • Orangi Pilot Project was initiated by Akhter Hameed Khan. • Dr. Akhter Hameed khan was the Founder and first director of.

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This experience is now spreading to other settlements in Pakistan.

Projects which replicate the Orangi Pilot Project (OPP)

What is required is to support their initiatives. The project has strengthened the position of women in the communities by encouraging participation in community affairs.

Salim Alimuddin who pursued the same simplistic approach; until recently.

Progress of work The waste wate from the area was disposed in a pond 3. The project comprises 3 Katchi Abadies Squatter settlements in Sukkur-Gol Tikri, Kaan and Bhusa Lane, for a total population of 30, with around houses and spread over hectares.

She believed in working under a low profile so that the people would feel comfortable in approaching the organization with their problems.

In fact many units are supplying goods to famous firms, who just put their labels and make big profits. The problem of sanitation was addressed, followed by health. In Pakistan, poor peoples housing known as Katchi Abadis — the unofficial sector are everywhere. The component-sharing concept clearly shows that where government partners with the people, sustainable development can be managed through local resources.


The approach is to encourage piloh strengthen community initiatives with social, technical guidance and credit for micro enterprise and evolve partnerships with the government for development based on local resource.


Axinn, Agriculture and Human Values, Vol. Also immunization services were provided. In when OPP started work in Orangi, it observed peoples initiatives in provision of sewage disposal, water supply, schools and clinics, as well odangi the limitations of the response from the government. The methodology is action research and extension. Earthquake and the flood rehabilitation works are also undertaken.

The following are some of the projects which replicates the Orangi Pilot Project: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Akhtar Hameed Khan of the projectt organization with great strength.

OPP also serves as advisor to the following projects: Salim Alimuddin who spent a lifetime of service for the organization is just a puppet director in the hands of Aquilla Proiect and has no authority to take decisions.

Orangi Pilot Project

This has been mainly due to the peoples prjoect efforts. This is apparent in its simple office and low salary scale. The main objective is to support people effort in their economic development by providing credit in urban and rural areas.

The media took great notice of her death due to her work for the low-income settlements. The lack of oroject credit forced them to buy raw materials at exorbitant prices while they had to sell their products at depressed prices and forego expansion.


Today, the project encompasses pi,ot more than the neighbourhood level problems. An Appropriate plan for de-watering the pond was made available by the PHED department; the plan for thrunk sewer and treatment plant was also added. The system was created and paid for by the local community, who would not have had access to a sewer system otherwise.

Second, the family units were oranyi competitive on account of very low over heads and very cheap and docile labour. In this vein, to encourage the mobilization of local managerial and financial resources and the practice of cooperative action, they: People lobby with government for facilities but due to lack of or adhoc government response, they soon undertake self help initiatives.

With the general money, a revolving fund for the external development is generated.

The aim of the project was to evolve a model of development with the Government and the people as partners. But they would not get credit at reasonable rate, because banks were inaccessible to them.

The Orangi Pilot Project Urdu: My Fickle Economic Life:

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